Claire Johnson

Group Shows and Art Fairs

— Selected work, 2015  to 2021

Solo Exhibitions

— Remnant, 2019
— Changing Hands, 2016

Collaborative Hoick Exhbitions

Peep Show Exhibition, 2020
— Shall We Move On?, 2017
— On Second Thought, 2015


Claire Johnson (b. 1986) is a contemporary artist and designer based in Cape Town, South Africa, and part of Hoick.


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New Work, Group Shows and Art Fairs

For 1-54 New York, 2021, with Nuweland Gallery

Oddments Bag #2, Batch #1

2021, Oil on Canvas

Oddments Bag Batch V

2021, Oil on Canvas

For Art Gazette, 2020

Oddments Study I, II, III

2020, Lithograph on Munken Lynx

New Work, 2020

Oddments Bag #2, Batch #2.

2020, Oil on canvas
46 x 34,5 cm

Oddments Bag #2, Batch #1.

2020, Oil on canvas
70 x 100 cm

For Clarkes Bookshop Auction, 2020

Keep My Place

2020, Oil on canvas board
30 x 40,5 cm

For the DO-nation Auction, 2020


2020, Acrylic on Zerkall
76cm x 106,5cm

From Rendevous II, 2019, SMITH, Cape Town

Oddments Set 

2019, Acrylic on Canvas
72cm x 102cm x 6,5cm

A recurring preoccupation of Johnson's is the complex sentimental relationships people form with objects – how objects can become surrogates for lost human relationships or can come to embody unattainable dreams, memories of distant times and, as such, in their presence can become embodiments of absence itself.
In response to these interests she mines the personal belongings of those close to her for source material – things cherished and things recently discarded, this time fabric offcuts from a tailor shop leftover after the cutting of a garment – and attempts to translate in equal measures the physical and psychological form of the object, while at the same time celebrating the impossibility of the translation of personal perception.

From Emphatic Whispers, 2019, SMITH, Cape Town

Ceremonial Leftovers,

2019, Merino wool felt
63 x 59 cm


For Art Gazette, 2019 

The Idleist Study I, II, III

2019, Lithograph on Munken Lynx
Edition of 20

From Art Joburg, 2019 Presented by SMITH, Johannesburg

Met liefde aan Rosie van Ma / Conhada ofereceme no dia da Festa de 1960

2019, Found Material
174 x 230 cm

From Re-Imagining Realities, Open24Hrs, Cape Town

House Warming, Self Grooming, North Facing 

2016, Linocut on paper
120 x 80 cm, 120 x 80 cm, 
140 x 99 cm

From Out of Nowhere, 2017, SMITH, Cape Town

Keeping Quiet I and II 

2017, Painting on acrylic

From Sketch, 2016, SMITH, Cape Town


2016, Acrylic on paper